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Tuck Shop Grand Opening


Robert Scullard, Iain MacBeath & Lyn Fear

There was a great turn out for the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon by our Director of Health & Community Services, Iain Macbeath who kindly found time in his busy schedule to visit us here at the Shepherd Centre and declare the new Tuck Shop open and ready for business. Two of our guys from Outreach Robert Scullard and Lyn Fear were appointed as our resident shop assistants and will be on hand most days to help run things.

The shop will be open most days from 10.30am – 11.30 am and will sell snacks and stationary.

vocalinklogoAnother big thank you to the the guys from Vocalink for their support, generosity and hard work in helping us get this shop up and running. They have now become honorary ‘Friends of the Shepherd Centre’.


Vocalink – Friends of the Shepherd Centre

Thank you again to..Kevin Jones, Geeta Bassi, Ros Bartlett, Paul Ruggieri, Sweeta Stephen, Sarah Furlong, Ian Golding, Richard Groat, Sam Khosla, Jingyi Zang, Graham Abbot and last but not least Mark Greenberg.





I declare the Shop open


Lyn, Robert and Margaret (officially our first Customer)


Great turn out for opening


Complementary Cakes and Coffee for everyone


Robert making a sale



Shepherd Centre Tuck Shop – Grand Opening

Tuck ShopOn March 11th 2015 at 11.00am the Shepherd Centre will be opening a new ‘TUCK SHOP’ selling Snacks including Drinks, Crisps, Chocolate bars as well as healthy alternatives. This shop will be run by the guys that attend the Centre, in which Lyn Fear from ‘Outreach‘ will be our chief cashier

The grand Opening will be made by Iain Macbeath – Director of Health & Community Services.

We hope hope to see as many people as possible at the opening, all welcome.