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Art Group Visit Open Studio Art exhibition – Hatfield

altAsCMicX5NkvAt9cDAZdjg-rN3Nx_QlsWdJzjlJWuFWl8On the 25th September the ‘Shepherd Centre Art Group’  were kindly invited to view an exhibition created by the ‘Welwyn & Hatfield Day Service Art Group’, held at the Mill Green Museum Hatfield.

Great to see some fantastic art work created by the Welwyn & Hatfield Service Users , including drawings & paintings, plaster of Paris hands, painted bags, fishing pond complete with rods and fish, totem Pole and a lot more.

It was great to share ideas and information and it was felt that our own art group would benefit and go from strength to strength continuing to improve as we work to make our group the best it can be with the help of our own talented Service Users.